HC Deb 12 September 1887 vol 321 cc278-9
MR. C. W. GRAY (Essex, Maldon)

asked the Secretary to the Board of Trade, Whether the Government are giving such attention to the report that a large number of persons on the Continent are suffering from trichinosis, caused by eating Hambro' bacon, that the people of this country may rest assured that all reasonable measures will be adopted to minimize the danger of such diseased meat being sold here?

THE SECRETARY (Baron HENRY DE WORMS) (Liverpool, East Toxteth)

The Board of Trade have received no information on the subject referred to by the hon. Member. They understand, however, that the Local Government Board issued a Memorandum in 1881 as to trichinosis and the cooking of meat. The question relating to the importation of trichinous meat appears to be one for the authorities of the Customs.

MR. J. O'CONNOR (Tipperary, S.)

asked the First Lord of the Admiralty, Whether any of the contracts for the supply of bacon to Her Majesty's Navy had been placed in Hamburg; and, if he discovered that the trichinosis had appeared there, whether the supply would be stopped, and the contracts placed within the United Kingdom for good sound bacon?


, in reply, said, he was not aware of any contracts being so placed; but he could not answer the Question without Notice. He might state, however, that the principle of placing contracts was that, assuming quality and price to be equal, they gave the preference to home contractors.