HC Deb 08 September 1887 vol 320 c1770

Resolutions [7th September] reported.

First Three Resolutions agreed to.

Fourth Resolution read a second time.

CAPTAIN COLOMB (Tower Hamlets, Bow, &c.)

I should like, before this proceeds further, to ask for some information as to the increase of the Vote for the Naval Intelligence Department on page 27 of the Estimates. In doing that I wish to say I most cordially thank the Admiralty for the increase they have made to that Department. It was very much wanted, and I am delighted to see that there is an increase in the numbers, and also an increase in the charge. But I also wish to know what is the net increase in the salaries of the officers already in the Department? Last year the number was four, and the cost £1,322 — the cost of the whole Department; but this year the number is 10, and the total cost £5,483. I understand that the head of the Department received £500 a-year with half-pay, and that part of this increase is due to the fact that the £500 a-year he received has been doubled, and that he still gets his half-pay, so that in this Vote we have not the whole facts as to the costs of the Department. I should like to know what course the Admiralty intend to take; is not this a large addition to the salaries already paid?


The hon. and gallant Gentleman said that he would put this question to me on Report of the Half-Pay Vote.


I am very sorry if I misled the noble Lord. I said that I did not see how on the Half-Pay Vote we should discuss this question, and therefore I would raise it on Report of Supply.


I did not expect the matter to come on, and therefore am not prepared for the discussion.


Then I will defer my observations to the Half-Pay Vote.

Resolution agreed to.

Remaining Resolution agreed to.