HC Deb 01 September 1887 vol 320 c740
MR. PICKERSGILL (Bethnal Green, S.W.)

asked the Secretary to the Treasury, Whether his attention has been drawn to the Report of a proceeding at the Westminster Police Court on Thursday last, when the conductor of an omnibus, who had been subpœned by the Court to attend and give evidence on a charge which was ultimately dismissed, asked for his costs, mentioning that he had lost his day's employment, and could ill afford to do so, as he was only what was called "odd man;" and Mr. Safford, the Chief Clerk, then stated, on the authority of the Clerk of the Peace, that the Treasury had intimated that they would not repay the expenses of witnesses, allowed in accordance with 29 & 30, Vict. c. 52, when the charge was dismissed; whether the statement of Mr. Safford was correct; and, whether, in future, the Treasury will repay such expenses when they have been allowed by the Local Authorities?


It is the fact that the Treasury have declined to repay to the Local Authorities the expenses allowed under 29 & 30 Vict. c. 52, as such expenses do not fall within the terms of the Vote for the Repayment of Criminal Prosecution Expenses. There is no intention of enlarging the classes of cases the expenses of which are now repayable.