HC Deb 19 May 1887 vol 315 cc501-2
DR. CLARK (Caithness)

asked the Secretary of State for the Colonies, What is the geographical limit of the Zululand that has been annexed, and does it include any part of Tongoland; is the annexation approved of by Dinizulu, Undabuka, Umnyamana, and the principal Chiefs of the Zulu people; and, will Zululand become a portion of Natal, or a separate Crown Colony?


The Zululand which has been annexed includes all the Kingdom of Cetewayo, excepting what has been assigned to the new Republic. It does not include any part of Tongoland. The areas of the parts of Zululand are:—New Republic, 2,854 square miles; British Zululand, com- prising the Reserve Territory and Eastern Zululand, 8,220 square miles. The new Republic is, therefore, little more than a fourth of the total area, whereas under the Agreement of August, 1884, the Zulus had practically ceded 4,234 square miles to the Boers; the difference, 1,380 square miles, has been secured to them by the friendly intervention of Her Majesty's Government. Dinizulu, Undabuka, Umnyamana, and the other principal Chiefs of Zululand, received favourably the intimation that Her Majesty's supreme authority and protection would be extended to their country. It is proposed to grant them pensions during their lives. Zululand will not be annexed to Natal—at all events at present—and will be administered as a separate Crown Colony for the benefit of the Natives.


asked the right hon. Gentleman if he could inform the House as to the estimated cost to the Imperial Treasury of the new Crown Colony of Zululand?


said, the increase in the cost of administration was estimated at £6,037 a-year. The Government hoped to meet this in future years by a native hut tax, and by licences and imposts such as were now levied in the Zulu Reserve; but for the £5,000 of the current year it was not proposed to ask the British taxpayer to pay anything, because it would be met out of the Cash Reserve Fund, which had accumulated under the careful management of the Reserve. That territory would now become part of Zululand; and, therefore, it was fair to use the balance this year.

MR. OSBORNE MORGAN (Denbighshire, E.)

asked whether a map of the country would be published?


said, that a map would be published with the Papers.