HC Deb 13 May 1887 vol 314 cc1809-10
DR. TANNER (Cork Co., Mid)

asked the First Commissioner of Works, Whether it is a fact that, although a great portion of the offices could be more cheaply and efficiently lit by electricity, the present engine is inadequate to give the necessary supplement; whether, when the engine was first chosen, attention was called to its disproportionate size; whether a room, called the Ex- chequer Room, can now be utilised to hold a larger engine of increased power; and, whether he will recommend the substitution of an engine which will give the requisite supply for the existing engine?


I doubt whether the offices of the House of Commons could be more cheaply lighted by electricity than by gas, though in other respects the electric light is certainly preferable; but it is quite true that the present plant is inadequate to meet any further demands upon it. I have asked Dr. Percy to prepare for me a complete plan and estimate for a considerably increased plan for lighting the whole of the Palace with electricity, on the chance that I may some day find the House in a sufficiently generous mood to vote the additional expense; but small additions from time to time would, I am advised, be very expensive, and I could not recommend their adoption.