HC Deb 13 May 1887 vol 314 c1808
MR. BIGGAR (Cavan, W.)

asked the Secretary to the Treasury, How much money has been advanced by the Treasury toward the River Fergus Reclamation Scheme; what is the present state of the works, and how much is expected it will cost to finish them; what is the extent of the property, and its estimated value; and, what is the present income derivable from it?


The amount advanced is £125,151. The works are nearly completed, and the embankment is expected to be fully closed this summer. The estimated cost of completion is £4,000. The extent of the property is about 1,300 statute acres, and the estimated value is £70,510. This value was estimated some years ago by the late Mr. John Kelly, who had considerable experience in such reclamations; but it is impossible to say what it would realize under the present circumstances of the Land Question in Ireland. The present income is nil.