HC Deb 12 May 1887 vol 314 cc1688-9
MR. HOOPER (Cork, S.E.)

asked Mr. Chancellor of the Exchequer, Whether any, and, if so, what, steps were taken to ascertain the views of Irish tobacco manufacturers, in the same way as the views of other manufacturers were obtained, at a meeting of trade representatives, preceding the concession made recently to cigar manufacturers; whether, in the event of a rebate of 4d. per lb. being granted to Irish roll tobacco manufacturers on all stock on hand on the 21st instant, any loss would be likely to eventually result to the Revenue; and, whether any protests have been received against the granting of this suggested rebate; and, if so, from how many manufacturers in Ireland, Scotland, and England, respectively.


I have previously informed the House, I think, that the concession made to the cigar trade was not made in consequence of a meeting of manufacturers. I saw a deputation, mainly consisting of representatives of the working men engaged in the cigar trade, and I afterwards ascertained that the cigar trade could be treated separately. I have taken no steps myself, since the introduction of the Budget, to ascertain the views of any manufacturers, English or Irish; but representatives of various branches of the manu- facturing trade pressed upon me to receive deputations. I received the deputations, but made no concessions, finding I could not make them. Loss would certainly accrue to the Revenue from granting a rebate on all stock in hand on the 21st instant. No protests have been received from any manufacturers against the grant of a rebate. No manufacturer would object to a proceeding which would benefit him at the expense of the Revenue.

In reply to Mr. CHILDERS (Edinburgh, S.).


said: What I understood was that the cigar trade might be treated on a separate footing from the rest of the tobacco trade without injustice being done to any portion of it.

MR. T. M. HEALY (Longford, N.)

Can the right hon. Gentleman say what would be the total loss to the Revenue if the concession claimed by Irish roll manufacturers was made?


I could not say without knowing what the stock would be. It would be impossible to make any concession to the Irish roll manufacturers that would not be made to the roll manufacturers of the whole of the United Kingdom.