HC Deb 05 May 1887 vol 314 cc950-2
MR. LABOUCHERE (Northampton)

asked the first Commissioner of Works, Whether he has had his attention called to a letter in The Pall Mall Gazette, from Archdeacon Farrar, in which it is stated that the Dean and Chapter of Westminster Abbey intend to present to the Abbey Restoration Fund the value of all the materials used for the contem- plated Jubilee Service; whether these materials will belong to the Dean and Chapter, or be sold for the account of the Treasury; and, whether, at the contemplated service, the claims of every class of the community to tickets will be fully recognized? The hon. Member explained that since putting the Question on the Notice Paper he had received from Archdeacon Farrar a communication in which he stated that his letter was written under a misconception. Therefore, he would not ask the first two portions of the Question; but he would supplement the third part by inquiring when the additional Estimate for the ceremony at Westminster Abbey was to be in the hands of hon. Members, as it was ordered to be printed on April 20, and had not vet been presented to the House?

MR. COBB (Warwick, S. E., Rugby)

asked the First Commissioner of Works, Whether, at the Queen's Jubilee Thanksgiving Service in Westminster Abbey, on 21st June, seats will be apportioned to the Members of both Houses of Parliament, to representatives of the Army, Navy, Civil Service, Church, Law, Colonies, India, and numerous other Bodies and persons selected to represent the nation, and the space for other spectators will be extremely limited; whether the ceremony is to be of a National character; and, whether seats will be apportioned to members of the various Nonconformist Bodies, Working Men's Clubs, Trades Unions, Friendly Societies, Miners Associations, Industrial and Provident Societies, the Agricultural Labourers Union, and other Associations throughout the country with which the working classes are connected, so that all classes and interests of the people may be represented in proportion, as far as possible, to their numbers?


I hope the Estimate will be laid on the Table early next week. As to the second part of the Question, and in answer to the Question by the hon. Member for "Warwickshire, the ceremony is intended to be national. The Lord Chamberlain will have exclusive control of the admission to the Abbey on the occasion; and, he proposes, he tells me, to follow as nearly as possible the precedent of the arrangements on the occasion of the Thanksgiving Service at St. Paul's Cathedral for the recovery of the Prince of Wales, and which were understood to have given satisfaction at that time. I have no doubt that all classes of the people will, as far as possible, be properly represented.

MR. H. J. WILSON (York, W.E., Holmfirth)

I wish to ask, in connection with these Questions, whether any Nonconformist ministers have been, or will be, invited to take part in this national ceremony?


I cannot go into the details of the arrangements. I have no doubt that the Lord Chamberlain, as far as he can, will endeavour to secure that all classes of the people shall be properly represented on the occasion.