HC Deb 24 March 1887 vol 312 cc1329-30

asked the First Lord of the Admiralty, If Mr. Richard Cathie, Gunner in the Royal Navy, Has been in any way rewarded for his conduct in the field at the Battles of El Teb and Tamai in the Soudan; and, if not, if i! be intended to confer any special reward on him for his services, as shown in the following extract from The Royal Navy List, p. 309:— R. A. Cathie, Gunner of Sphynx, served during the operations in the Eastern Soudan, 1SS4. Landed with Naval Brigade and present at Battles of El Tel) and Tamai, mentioned in despatches: during the engagement of El Teb he had more than one hand-to-hand encounter with the enemy; for the gallantry he displayed both in bringing his gun into action, and for his bravery in his personal encounters with the enemy, he was strongly recommended by General Buller, and was also thanked on the Field by Commander Rolfe the next morning: on his returning afloat he was specially thanked by Admiral Hewett for his bravery at El Teh. At the Battle of Tamai he was recommended by General Graham for his bravery. (Egyptian Medal, Khedive Bronze Star, El Teb and Tamai Clasps.)


The Admiralty are not responsible for the services recorded in The Royal Nary List, the information there given being supplied by the officers themselves. Mr. Cathie's recommendations from official sources are good; and, as in the case of all officers who are specially mentioned, are duly recorded in his favour. As to any "special reward," I can only refer to the reply given by the hon. Member for Barrow (Mr. Caine) on the same subject, when Civil Lord of the Admiralty, on March 9, 1885.