HC Deb 17 March 1887 vol 312 c553

Some interesting trials have been made during 1886–87 with the various types of first-class torpedo-boats 125 feet in length. These trials led to a modification in the form of the bow and in the torpedo armament of twenty-five of the boats. Great exertions have been made to accelerate the completion of the boats, the work on the torpedo fittings being of a novel and delicate nature, and only twenty will, it is anticipated, be incomplete in small fittings at the end of March, the torpedo armaments of these being finished.

The 150-feet boat purchased of Mr. White is practically completed, and the 130-feet boat, by Messrs. Yarrow, will be delivered in 1886–87. These examples of larger-dimensioned boats will furnish useful information when tried at sea, as to how far they will comply with the conditions of a sea-going torpedo-boat available for use in all weathers.