HC Deb 17 March 1887 vol 312 c573

The policy of subsidizing Companies to build docks abroad capable of taking in and repairing men-of-war of large dimensions has been favoured of late years by successive Boards of Admiralty, and considerable sums have in this manner been spent in past years. The dock at Esquimalt, thus assisted, will this year be open and ready for use; at Hong Kong the final instalment for a similar purpose will this year be paid; and at Halifax arrangements have been made by which it is hoped like advantages will hereafter accrue, on the completion of the dock.

The multiplication of graving docks in colonial territory in different parts of the world will greatly advantage the ships of the Navy, as it facilitates the execution of repairs and cleaning, which, if undone, might incapacitate a man-of-war from active service.

The conditions under which Government assistance towards the construction of docks is given is that, when constructed, payment shall only be made for services of work rendered.