HC Deb 17 March 1887 vol 312 cc561-3

The difference, therefore, between the draught of the vessels enumerated, with their coal-bunkers full, and with all weights on board, and that contemplated in their original design, arises from two causes:—

  1. 1. Because it had been the practice that only a portion of the coal the vessel is capable of carrying should be on board at the time of her speed-trials. The present Board disapprove of this practice as misleading. The vessel in question ("Impérieuse") was officially stated to be capable of either steaming 2,000 knots at a rate of 17 knots per hour, or 8,000 knots at a lower speed. If all the coal were on board necessary to give the coal endurance for the longer distance, the higher speed could not be attained; if the coal were reduced to allow of the higher speed, the longer distance could not be covered. Directions have been given by which, in future, speed-trials will be for twenty-four hours with all weights aboard, in addition to the present trials of six hours with reduced weights.
  2. 2. The other reason for increase of weight is that, at the time the design was passed, sufficient allowance was not made for the number of complement, 562 563 weight of guns, machinery, and engines. If fuller consultation had taken place between the designer and the officers responsible for these weights and details before the ship was laid down a more accurate estimate could have been made, and the extra weights afterwards found necessary would have been anticipated. Regulations ensuring this co-operation have now been made, and will be found in Appendix I. attached.