HC Deb 17 March 1887 vol 312 cc557-9

The most notable vessels proposed to be laid down in 1887–88 are two 20-knot protected cruisers.

Their dimensions are:—

Length 265 feet.
Breadth 41 feet.
Displacement 2,800 tons.
Sped on measured mile, with 400 tons of coal, and fully equipped 20 knots
Ocean speed 17 to 18 knots
Radius of action at 10-knot 8,000 knots

The vessels will have a protective steel-deck extending from stem to stern, and sheltering the boilers, magazines, steering-gear, &c.

Vertical (inverted-cylinder) triple-expansion engines are to be fitted in the steel-bottomed ships, special arrangements of armoured-coamings being built for the protection of that portion of the cylinders.

Above the protective steel-deck the space will be minutely sub-divided, coal-bunkers, coffer-dams, &c, being built as is usual in vessels of the "protected" class.

A double-bottom on the cellular principle, adapted for water-ballast, will be fitted.

The armament will include—

6 6-in. B.L.R. guns on centre-pivot mountings.
9 6-pr. rapid-firing guns. Machine-guns.
6 Torpedo-tubes (all under cover).

The bow will be strengthened for ramming in the usual manner,

In all respects the vessels will be made suitable for independent sea-service, and for being driven at high speed in rough water.

They will have only fore and aft steadying sails, being dependent upon their steam-power and twin-screws for propulsion.