HC Deb 15 March 1887 vol 312 cc350-1
MR. M'CARTAN (Down, S.)

asked the Chief Secretary to the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, Whether his attention has been called to a series of outrages perpetrated on an Ulster Protestant Nationalist, named Mr. James Simms, of Drumlane, near Maghcra, County Derry, and reported in The Belfast Morning News of the 8th March instant;whether, as therein stated, Mr. Simms did, in consequence of having assisted to return Mr. Healy to Parliament as Member for South Derry at the November Election, 1885, suffer serious loss and injury by the damage done to his crops, which were, during the night time, maliciously dug up and scattered about or destroyed on several occasions;whether, since the last General Election (when Mr. Simms again supported Mr. Healy), a quantity of flax was taken from his store and maliciously burned in an adjoining field;whether, about a week ago, some persons maliciously set fire to and wholly destroyed "a splendid granary" belonging to Mr. Simms, and in which he had valuable property stored;whether any arrests have been made in connection with these outrages;and, what stops the authorities have taken in the matter?


I, of course, know nothing of what Mr. Simms may have done in respect of the Elections;but I understand that he states to the Constabulary that he did not, in 1885, take the part attributed to him in the Question. the injuries to his crops appear to be much exaggerated. For the burning of a barn which occurred about a fortnight ago he claims£100 compensation. This claim will be fully investigated in ordinary course No arrests have been made as yet;but the police have the matter in hand, and meanwhile are affording protection to Mr. Sinims's property by special patrolling.


May I ask the right hon. Gentleman if it be true that a quantity of flax was taken from his store and burned? That is a Question which has not been answered.


I think, Sir, some flax was taken on the 18th of January and burned in an adjoining field.