HC Deb 14 March 1887 vol 312 cc173-5
DR. TANNER (Cork Co., Mid.)

asked the Chief Secretary to the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, Whether, in consequence of the proclamation of a National League mooting which was to have been held at Ashgrove, Kilnamartyra, County Cork, on Sunday, the 6th March, Mr. Stokes, a Resident Magistrate, prevented the local baud in Macroom from playing in the Square as usual;—whether the report in The Cork Daily Herald of Monday, 7th March, is correct, namely— That on the band making its appearance in the square, Mr. Stokes issued out of the police barrack attended by about fifty constables, principally from Cork, some of whom had removed the numbers from the collars of their jackets to prevent discovery; and, if this report is true, whether he will call the attention of the Lord Chancellor to the matter? And I should further like to ask the right hon. Gentleman, whether it is a fact that he has applied to the police authorities and the people who are incriminated by this Question for information on the subject?


Yes; I have applied for information to the police. In reply to the hon. Gentleman's Question, I have to state that in view of anticipated disturbances, Captain Stokes, the Resident Magistrate, had on the morning of the day referred to, warned the band that he could not permit them to proceed or play through the town, and on their subsequently attempting to do so, he very properly prevented them by means of the police. It is not the case that any of the police removed their numbers from their collars. Six of the party employed upon the duty are members of the County Force, and as such, do not wear numbers.

MR. CHANCE (Kilkenny, S.)

Arising out of that Question, I should like to know by what authority magistrates, resident or otherwise, are entitled to prevent bands playing in the streets?


On this occasion the Resident Magistrate had reason to believe the band was proceeding to a proclaimed meeting at Kilnamartyra, and he was stricthy within his duty in preventing them doing so.


May I ask the right hon. Gentleman, whether he is aware that Macroom is three miles from the place of the prohibited meeting; and, whether he is also aware that the band plays every Sunday in the Square at Macroom; and whether Captain Stokes is not also aware of this fact?


From the information I have I have reason to believe the band does not play in Macroom every Sunday; and there is reason to believe that on this day the band was going to march three miles to the proclaimed meeting.


intimated that he would repeat the Question on a subsequent day.