HC Deb 14 March 1887 vol 312 c193
MR. HAYDEN (Leitrim, S.)

asked the Chief Secretary to the Lord Lieu-tenant of Ireland, Whether, on the 2nd March, a bailiff named Frank Cooke passed through Drumsna, County Leitrim, in a drunken state, and, without provocation, drew his revolver on a resident of the town named Simpson; whether, on the attention of the police being drawn to the matter, Sergeant Henry merely shook hands with Cooke, and told him to put his revolver in his pocket; whether, in consequence of this, Simpson was obliged to swear information against. Cooke, and a car had to be got, at the public expense, to follow the latter to Mohill; whether, on the next day, instead of adopting the usual course of lodging Cooke in gaol, in default of finding bail, Sergeant Henry accompanied him back to Mohill; whether, on the following morning, Cooke threatened and brandished his revolver at some small boys; and, whether the Government will consider the propriety of inquiring into the matter?


The official Reports submitted to me by no moans bear out the view of the case hero suggested; but as informations have been sworn against Cooke, and the case is pending for hearing at the next Petty Sessions, I cannot make any detailed statement on the subject.