HC Deb 14 March 1887 vol 312 cc229-32

It will be observed that provision is made in the Estimates for carrying on the works of defence at our coaling stations, and for providing them with guns; beside the amount to be voted for the work of submarine mining. The sum taken is somewhat in excess of that which has for the last two years been included in the Estimates. It will enable the defences of Hong Kong, Sierra Leone, and, approximately, those of Singapore, to be completed. Some advance will be made in other cases also, but it cannot be denied that an acceleration of this work beyond the rate of progress laid down in 1884 would be eminently desirable, especially as it is well known to everyone who has looked into the subject that more than one station of primary importance still remains undefended. But, at any rate, no Government could possibly justify to itself any less expenditure for this object, because it would involve the neglect of precautions as to the necessity of which there has hitherto existed a very general agreement.



28th February, 1887.