HC Deb 10 June 1887 vol 315 cc1585-6

asked the First Commissioner of Works, For whose benefit and profit seats on stands on public ground adjoining Westminster Abbey and St. Margaret's Church to witness the Jubilee Procession are advertised at five guineas each; if the ground has been lot for the purpose, by whom and on what terms it has been let, and to whom the rent is to go; whether, in any shape, it will be devoted in diminution of the expenses incurred by Parliament for fitting up the Abbey, &c.; whether any other public ground is to be let; and, if so, for whose profit?


The stand erected on the green adjacent to the Abbey has been built upon land which is the property of St. Margaret's Church, and the profit derived from it will go to the Vestry of St. Margaret's. Neither the authorities of the Abbey nor the Government have any authority or right of interference in the matter. In order to meet the convenience of the Government the Vestry of St. Margaret's have agreed to surrender their rights over a considerable space of the remainder of the frontage belonging to them, and they have been permitted in exchange to place a stand in the Canning enclosure on the other side of the roadway. It is not proposed to let any public ground for profit.


asked, whether the First Commissioner was aware that through the courtesy of a distinguished person connected with St. Margaret's, vestrymen and distinguished parishioners were to have seats; and whether, on the Government ground, some arrangement of the same kind could not be made for the convenience of the families of hon. Members?


As to the rest of the Government ground I think I may be able to give a more satisfactory answer later on. I am, however, not responsible for the distribution of tickets by the Vestry of St. Margaret's.


asked, whether the expenditure and income in connection with these platforms of the Vestry of St. Margaret's would come within the scope of the inquiries of the Local Government Board auditors?


I am unable to answer the question as it does not come within the scope of my Department.