HC Deb 09 June 1887 vol 315 c1432

asked the Surveyor General of the Ordnance, Whether, on or about 28th August, 1885, a third 43-ton breach-loading gun broke down at the proof butts, Woolwich, in the metal in the middle of the breach; and, whether both design and specification for all such guns have been radically changed; if so, was that change necessary, if it was (including change in specification), does he still adhere to his statement that the 43-ton guns in question are serviceable?


No 43-ton gun broke down at the proof butts at Woolwich on or about the 28th of August, 1885. On the 26th of August a vent slide failed; but this did not put the gun out of action, and a new vent slide was fitted on in half a minute. Changes have been made both in the design and specification of the 12-inch breach-loading guns since their original design in 1881, and these changes were necessary. Two additions are being made to Marks I. and II. 12-inch breach-loading guns, with the view of bringing them into conformity with the steel guns of new design. They are being chase-hooped, and that part of the bore specially attacked by the gas is being lined. The guns are believed to be perfectly serviceable.