HC Deb 07 June 1887 vol 315 cc1227-8
MR. CONWAY (Leitrim, N.)

asked the Vice President of the Committee of Council on Education, Who the Local Inspectors, mentioned in Clause 2, paragraph 8, of the recent Minute relating to aid to drawing in elementary schools, are; who appoints them; what qualifications have they in art or in teaching power; and, inasmuch as the Local Inspectors have, under paragraph 12 of the same clause, to award the marks "excellent," "good," "fair," or "failure," as the case may be, sifter taking into consideration the method, time of instruction, and the provision of examples, whether the Government will take care that only duly qualified judges of drawing shall be appointed to the position of Local Inspector?


The names of the Local Inspectors will be found on page 2 of the The Calendar and General Directory of the Science and Art Department for the present year. They are appointed year by year by the Department, and care is taken that they should be fully qualified for the duties they have to fulfil. But the award under paragraph 12 does not depend upon their judgment alone, or even to any great extent. That is made almost altogether on an examination by the technical examiners of the Department, who are certificated Art masters, of the works executed by the children in the presence of the Local Inspectors.