HC Deb 29 July 1887 vol 318 c550
MR. STUART RENDEL(for Mr. T. E. ELLIS) (Merionethshire)

asked the Secretary of State for the Home Department, Whether his attention has been called to the refusal of the Chief Constable of Flintshire, when examined at the Tithe Commission at Conway, to give the name of a man against whom he brought some charge, because he understood from the Chief Constable of Denbighshire that legal proceedings would be taken against some persons engaged in the Mochdre affair; and, whether witnesses who volunteer to give evidence are to be exposed to the liability of being prosecuted after their evidence has been given at the invitation of the Government Tithe Commission?

MR. STANLEY LEIGHTON (Shropshire, Oswostry)

asked, whether it had been decided that other tithe disturbances had been excluded as beyond the scope of the inquiry?


, in reply, said, he could not answer the last Question. As to the other question, voluntary evidence by no moans exempts a person from prosecution.