HC Deb 22 July 1887 vol 317 c1758
MR. T. M. HEALY (Longford, N.)

asked Mr. Attorney General for Ireland, Is it true that, on Sunday 10th July, Mr. V. Vesey Fitzgerald, E.M., held a court at Stradbally, Queen's County, and received informations against Denis Flanagan for wife murder on the previous day, and committed him for trial; whether this proceeding on a Sunday was lawful; what was the necessity for such haste; whether it was contrary to long established usage to take such action prior to the holding of the inquest, a precept for which had been issued by the coroner for the following day; whether, notwithstanding the fact that no examination of a dead body on view of which an inquest is to be held is ever permitted without the coroner's order, a medical examination without the knowledge or permission of the coroner was hold at Mr. Fitzgerald's instigation in I order to obtain evidence for the prisoner's committal; whether this was in excess of the powers of a resident magistrate; what was the necessity for the course taken by the resident magistrate; and, what will the Government do in the matter?


, in reply, said, the man was charged with murdering his wife. There was direct evidence of his guilt, and the course mentioned had been taken by the magistrate to obviate the necessity of having the accused sent to prison a distance of 40 miles and brought back next day. There was nothing unlawful in the magistrate doing so. The magistrate gave no directions for the examination of the body, and he did not appear to have acted in any manner irregularly.


asked, if the right hon. and learned Gentleman approved of bringing up a prisoner on Sunday? Was it a usual thing in any civilized country to bring up a prisoner on the Sabbath day, the Coroner's precept having been issued for the Monday?


said, such matters must be dealt with having regard to the necessity and convenience of each particular case, and the magistrate appeared; to have acted in that respect on this occasion.