HC Deb 14 July 1887 vol 317 cc781-2
DR. TANNER (Cork Co., Mid)

asked the Secretary of State for War, What is the salary paid the Garrison Chaplin in Cork; whether it is a fact that the capitation pay of the Roman Catholic clergyman who officiates as chaplain only averages £80 per annum; whether a Protestant local parish clergyman receives £150 a-year for assisting the Protestant Garrison Chaplain; whether the duties to be performed by a clergyman in receipt of capitation pay include (in addition to the Sunday services) baptisms, churchings, and funerals, attending the sick in hospitals and reading prayers with the convalescents, giving special religious instruction to the children and drummers every week, and attending to the religious instruction and welfare of troops, including officers; whether the Roman Catholic Chaplain is expected to be, and has always been, a clergyman of standing and experience; whether the Roman Catholic Chaplains at Dublin, Buttevant, and Spike are exclusively employed in the performance of similar duties, and what remuneration is given each of them; and, whether steps will be taken to give the Roman Catholic Chaplain to the Cork Garrison adequate pay, an allowance for quarters in vicinity of the barracks, and thus enable him to devote his exclusive attention to his duties as chaplain?

THE SECRETARY OF STATE (Mr. E. STANHOPE) (Lincolnshire, Horncastle)

The Church of England Garrison Chaplain at Cork is a commissioned chaplain, and as such receives 17?s. 6d. a day for pay, besides allowances. He is assisted by an officiating chaplain at £3 a week, who discharges the duties at Ballincollig and at the Military Prison, Cork. The officiating Roman Catholic clergyman is, under the Royal Warrant, paid by a capitation rate on the number of Catholics in the command. Last year the payment amounted to £82. There is also a Roman Catholic clergyman at Ballincollig, paid at capitation rates; and another at Cork Military Prison on £35 a-year. Officiating clergymen are appointed on the recommendation of the officer commanding at the station, and their duties are as stated in the Question. There are five Roman Catholic clergymen employed in Dublin, three on capitation rates, and two with £150 and £ 100 a-year respectively. At Buttevant the remuneration is by capitation, and in Spike Island the pay is £100 a-year. These clergymen are not exclusively employed.


asked, was it not a fact that the number of Roman Catholics varied according to the regiments stationed in Cork; and as the Roman Catholic clergyman was obliged to reside a considerable distance away would it not be better to give him a grant of money to enable him to live nearer the scene of his duties?

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