HC Deb 07 July 1887 vol 317 c31

NEW MEMBER SWORN—William O'Brien, esquire, for the North East Division of the County of Cork.

SUPPLY—considered in CommitteeResolutions[July 4 & 6] reported.

PUBLIC BILLS—OrderedFirst Reading—Ulster Canal and Tyrone Navigation * [313]; Poinding (Scotland) * [314].

Second Reading—Distressed Unions (Ireland) [307].

Committee—Public Libraries Acts Amendment (No. 2)* [220]—R.P.

CommitteeReport—Butterine (Fraudulent Sale) (re-comm.) [309] (changed to Margarine (Fraudulent Sale).

Third Reading—Criminal Law Amendment (Ireland) [First Night] [305], debate adjourned.

PROVISIONAL ORDER BILLS—Report—Public Health (Scotland) (Duntocher and Dalmuir Water)* [288].

Considered as amended—Local Government (No. 7)* [282].

Third Reading—Local Government (Ireland) (Ballyshannon, &c.) [272], and. passed.