HC Deb 31 January 1887 vol 310 c259

SELECT COMMITTEES—Public Petitions, appointed and nominated; Printing, appointed and nominated; Kitchen and Refreshment Rooms (House of Commons), appointed and nominated.

PUBLIC BILLS—Resolution in CommitteeOrderedFirst ReadingMerchandise Marks Act (1862) Amendment* [142].

Ordered—First Reading—Parliamentary Franchise (Extension to Women)* [128]; Borough Funds* [129]: Coal Mines, &c. Regulation* [130]; Criminal Law (Scotland) Procedure* [131]; First Offenders* [132]; Agricultural Tenants Relief* [133]; Deacons (Church of England)* [134]: Hyde Park Corner (New Streets)* [135]: Public Parks and Works (Metropolis)* [136]; Lodgers' Goods Protection Act (1871) Amendment* [137]; Ballot Act (1872) Amendment* [138]; Sale of Intoxicating Liquors on Sunday (Cornwall)* [139]; Miners' Wages Payment* [140]; Water Companies (Regulation of Powers)* [141]; Rod Fishing (Scotland)* [143]; Sites for Churches, &c. Ireland* [144]; Sanitation of Houses (Metropolis)* [145].

Second Reading—Supreme Court of Judicature (Ireland)* [1].

PROVISIONAL ORDER BILLOrderedFirst Reading —Drainage and Improvement of Lands (Ireland)* [127].

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