HC Deb 28 February 1887 vol 311 cc718-9
Mr. COGHILL (Newcastle-under-Lyme)

asked Mr. Chancellor of the Exchequer, Whether the Dog Tax is at present evaded in the great majority of cases; whether he will undertake to remove the existing exemption from it— of dogs kept solely for the purpose of tending sheep or cattle on a farm and by shepherds; and, whether, for the protection of the public and in the interests of the Exchequer, he will consider the advisability of increasing the Tax to 10s.


In answer to the first part of the Question I should not say that the Dog Tax is evaded in the great majority of cases, although, doubtless, there is much evasion. I cannot undertake to comply with the request contained in the second part of the Question. With reference to the third part of the Question, I have to say that I am not prepared to advise an increase of the tax to 10s. The hon. Member also sent me private Notice of the following Question:—Whether anumbered metal-ticket should not accompany every dog licence, and owners be compelled to attach this ticket to the collars of their dogs? I am not prepared, upon such short notice, to agree to such a suggestion as this; but I may say that I think the practice which the hon. Member advocates would be very inconvenient both to owners and dogs.