HC Deb 14 February 1887 vol 310 cc1400-1
MR. MARUM (Kilkenny, N.)

asked the Secretary of State for the Home Department, Whether he is prepared to extend the Coal Mines' Regulation Bill, about to be introduced, to Ireland; whether he is aware that the Acts in force as to Great Britain, in reference to the payment of labourers in goods or by truck, have specifically repealed the Acts which had previously prohibited the truck system in Ireland; that whereas the Agricultural Labourers' Acts (Ireland) do not apply to labourers in mines, although the same are rated for the relief of the poor under the Poor Law Code, the question of their habitations is entirely ignored; whether he is aware of the poor condition of the habitations of the mining population in the anthracite coal district of Castlecomer; and, whether he is prepared to incorporate in his proposed measure provisions to meet the above state of things in Ireland?


The Bill I am about to introduce will extend to Ireland. I am aware that some of the Truck Acts extending to Ireland have been repealed, and that what is generally known in England as the Truck Act—namely, the Act of Will. IV., does not extend to Ireland. There is, however, the 17 Geo. c. 8, still in force regulating the question of truck in Ireland. I am informed by the Inspector of Mines that many of the mining population at Castlecomer are in a very poor condi- tion. The questions of workmen's habitations and truck were not dwelt within the Act of 1872, and it is not may intention to deal with them in the Bill which I am about to introduce. Such questions appear to me to be foreign to a Bill for the regulation of mines.

MR. BRADLAUGH (Northampton)

asked when the Report of the Chief Inspector of Mines as to truck would be in the hands of Members?


I stated the other day that I should not be able to lay the Report before the House; but that I would show it to the hon. Member.