HC Deb 04 February 1887 vol 310 cc735-6

Order for Second Reading read.


Mr. Speaker, I wish, in reference to this Order, to ask the hon. Member in charge of the Bill whether it is his intention to persevere with the measure, or whether he has really brought it forward for purposes of his own. The Bill has been upon the Paper for nearly a fortnight, and we are told that it consists of only one clause. It seems to me that if the hon. Member who has brought forward this matter with a great sound of trumpets and show of energy had taken the ordinary trouble which most Members take with their Bills, he might have been able to get such a Bill printed in the time which has elapsed since the opening of Parliament. Such a chance may not occur to the hon. Gentleman again, and I think it is much to be regretted that he has not taken the ordinary business like course of seeing that his Bill was printed.

MR. T. W. RUSSELL (Tyrone, South)

In answer to the hon. Gentleman who has just sat down, I desire to say that the Bill was introduced not a fortnight ago, but on this night week. It is my intention to press it forward whenever I can get an opportunity. It has been sent to the printer, and if it had been printed to-night I should have asked the House and the Government to assent to the Second Reading. The measure consists, as the hon. Gentleman has said, of a single clause, giving every leaseholder in Ireland the option of applying to the Land Court to fix a fair rent. I will put it down for Tuesday, and hope it may be printed and circulated on Monday. If the hon. Member for Cork (Mr. Parnell) will be kind enough to exercise his influence to prevent a block being put on, I most unhesitatingly say that I shall press the Bill forward at all hazards on Tuesday night.

Second Reading deferred till Tuesday next.