HC Deb 29 August 1887 vol 320 cc261-2
MR. T. M. HEALY (Longford, N.)

asked the Chief Secretary to the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, How many eviction notices have been served on the Taafe Estate, County Mayo; how many evictions have taken place there; were all these evictions sanctioned and directed by the Court of Chancery; was this the estate which the Land Purchase Commissioners refused to sanction a purchase of by the tenants, who were all willing to buy; was the ground of refusal that the rent was not made out of the land, but by the wages of labour in England; did any member of the Executive, before granting police for these evictions, examine the published recommendations of the Receiver advising the clearance of entire townlands on the ground that the tenants were "paupers;" and, would it be within the province of the Government to communicate with the Judge of the Chancery Court, with a view to prevent sufferings brought on by poverty alone?

THE PARLIAMENTARY UNDER SECRETARY (Colonel KING-HARMAN)(who replied) (Kent, Isle of Thanet)

said: I understand that 26 notices of eviction were served on the Taafe estate. Of these, five were carried out, and the tenants re-admitted as caretakers. All the evictions seem to have been sanctioned by the Court of Chancery. The Land Commissioners refused to purchase this estate on the ground that, having regard to the quality of the land, the sub-division of the holdings, and the fact that a large number of the tenants were of the class of migratory labourers, they were not satisfied that a re-sale could be effected without loss to the public. I cannot find that there are any published recommendations of the Receiver recommending the clearance of town lands on the ground alleged. It would not be within the province of the Government to make any representations to a Judge in regard to the discharge of his judicial functions.


Will the right hon. and gallant Gentleman have any objection to say whether he has in any way looked at the Receiver's account? because I have seen it myself, and have also seen it published, recommending these clearances on the ground that they were paupers.


I have not been able to find that; but I will make inquiries.