HC Deb 25 August 1887 vol 319 c1803
SIR GEORGE CAMPBELL (Kirkcaldy, &c.)

asked the Under Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, with regard to Egypt, What final arrangement has been come to with the French and other Powers for finding the money, beyond that assigned for administrative purposes by the Convention, which is required to substitute paid labour for part of the corvée and to pay the Native Army, and from what source the money is to come in each case; whether the 9,393 men of the Native Army include the special battalions raised to garrison Suakin; what is the calculated cost of the Egyptian Army, exclusive of the payments for European troops and the British Navy, and inclusive of Suakin; and, whether the Financial Papers relating to Egypt, promised in a few days, frill be got out quickly, and will contain the Budget for the present year?


As regards the cost of hired labour instead of corvée, a revised Decree has been accepted by the French Government, and has been proposed to the other Powers, sanctioning the charge of £250,000. This charge will form part of the general administrative expenses to be paid out of the general revenues. No arrangement has been come to with the other Powers with reference to the extra cost of the Egyptian Army beyond £130,000; but the Egyptian Revenue of this year will probably exceed that estimated by the Convention by more than £500,000. Further, is is hoped that the reduction of the British Forces in Egypt will lead to a corresponding reduction in the cost of the Army of Occupation. The 9,393 of all ranks of the Egyptian Army include the garrison of Suakin. The total cost of the Egyptian Army is E£367,000. The Financial Papers will be ready very shortly. Further reductions are still under discussion.