HC Deb 09 August 1887 vol 318 c1721
MR. M'LAREN (Cheshire, Crewe)

asked the Vice President of the Committee of Council on Education, Whether he will consent to such modifications of the Technical Education Bill as will include Local Boards of Health under the term "Local Authority;" whether he will also include Schools of Agriculture and Dairy Schools, such as the Cheshire County Dairy Institute at Workston, among the schools which may be created by the Local Authority; whether his attention has been called to the evidence given to the Committee on the Butter Substitutes Bill by Mr. Willis, who represented the Cheshire Chamber of Agriculture—namely— If we got the same help from Government that the Munster Dairy School gets, we could do a great deal to improve the butter in our county and district: and, whether, in view of this, and in order to bring such schools under the definition of technical schools, he will consider whether grants could not be made to them by the Science and Art Department?


I am not, as at present advised, prepared to extend the scope of the measure so as to include Local Boards of Health; but I desire to point out to the hon. Member that there is nothing in the Bill to limit the subjects of instruction in technical schools to these for which grants may be made by the Science and Art Department; but that, on the contrary, these are left open for future consideration, with a view to enabling the powers conferred by the Bill to be exercised for the benefit of different localities.