HC Deb 28 April 1887 vol 314 cc236-7
MR. PYNE (Waterford, W.)

asked the Chief Secretary to the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, If the Cappoquin Industrial School is the only one for boys in the County or City of Waterford; if the school is certified for 50 boys only, although it has accommodation for 70; if it is a fact that the County and City of Waterford have over 200 children in industrial schools, some at long distances from Waterford from want of accommodation; and, if, under those circumstances, he will reconsider his decision, and give a grant for the 70 children to the Cappoquin School?


(who replied) said: The Cappoquin School is certified only for the accommodation of boys under 10 years of age, and an enlargement of the certificate would not enable the managers to receive children of other classes. I am unable to say with certainty how many Waterford children may be inmates of schools in other parts of Ireland; but the sum presented for by the Grand Juries of the City and County, if the allowance is 2s. per head, would make the number 174. That number, of course, includes boys over 10, and girls who could not in any case be accommodated in the Cappoquin School. I regret I cannot hold out any hope of an enlargement of the certificate in this case. It was specially considered a few months ago by the late Chief Secretary (Sir Michael Hicks-Beach), who was mainly influenced in his decision by the consideration that difficulty has been found in procuring vacancies in senior schools for boys who have to be removed from junior schools like that at Cappoquin on reaching the age of 10, and that difficulty would be increased by compliance with the suggestion of the hon. Member.