HC Deb 26 April 1887 vol 314 cc13-4
MR. ESSLEMONT(for Mr. CONYBEARE) (Cornwall, Camborne)

asked the Secretary of State for the Home Department, Whether the Government will consider the advisability of appointing a Royal Commission to inquire into the "Sweating System," or take other steps to remedy the grievances alleged to be caused by the system?


(who replied) said: I understand the hon. Member's Question to relate to the alleged employment in tailoring work for excessive hours and inadequate wages, and under insanitary conditions, of Jewish and other foreigners in the East of London and in some large towns. The Secretary of State has been advised by the Chief Inspector of Factories that the grounds for these allegations, and the causes and extent of such breaches or evasions of the Factory Act as do take place, are so well ascertained that no advantage would be gained by any special inquiry. Prosecutions for breaches of the Factory Act have been instituted whenever sufficient evidence was obtained; and I have directed that the vigilance of the Inspectors shall be in no way relaxed.