HC Deb 25 April 1887 vol 313 cc1779-80
DR. COMMINS (Roscommon, S.)

asked Mr. Attorney General for Ireland, Whether a large number of cases, entered in the Land Court from the County Roscommon as far back as 1855–6, are yet awaiting for trial; whether appeals in land cases from decisions of the Sub-Commissioners, or the County Court for the County Roscommon, entered as far back as July, 1884, amongst others, the appeals of Mary Kelly, Pat Kelly, Anthony M'Dermot, and John Milot, tenants, against William Sampey, landlord, in which it is alleged that the rent fixed is exorbitant, remain yet unheard, and without any time being fixed for the hearing of the same; if he can state what is the cause of the delay; is he aware that some of the tenants whose appeals so stand over have been sued and decreed for the rents they appeal against as exorbitant; whether he can state when these appeals are likely to be heard; and, whether it is the intention of Her Majesty's Government in. Ireland to do anything whereby the decisions of the Sub-Commission Courts, and of the Court of Appeal, may be made more expeditious?


Sixteen cases in all, that were entered before the 1st of August last, and that had been previously adjourned for various reasons, still stand for hearing. Since the 1st of August a very large number of new cases have been brought into the Court; and it is pro. posed that there should be a continuous sitting in Roscommon of a Sub-Commission of five Members during the months of May, June, and July, when it is expected that all cases entered up to the 23rd of December last will be disposed of. Many appeals, some of them entered so far back as the year 1884, and including three of the cases named, are still unheard; but these cases will be taken up and, it is hoped, disposed of at Sligo on the 16th of May, at Castletown on the 31st of May, and Roscommon on the 27th of June. The delay has arisen from press of business, and the Irish Land Bill, now before the other House, contains provisions calculated to remedy, to a considerable extent, the evil. I have no information, nor the means of obtaining information, to enable me to answer the fourth paragraph of the Question.