HC Deb 05 April 1887 vol 313 cc511-2

reported Her Majesty's Answer to the humble Address of the 24th day of March last, as followeth:— Gentlemen of the House of Commons, I have received your Address praying that the 91st Article of the Education Code, 1887, he amended. The matter on which you have expressed a wish is one of grave importance, upon which the Royal Commission now sitting is engaged in collecting Evidence, especially with reference to the principle hitherto applied by the Education Department to cases of this kind. When that Commission have made their Re-port, the suggestion contained in your Address will be carefully considered, together with the Report; and, if My Committee of Council on Education should be of opinion that any alterations in the Education Code can he made by which they will he better adapted to meet the Educational requirements of My People, such alterations shall he duly laid before you.