HC Deb 04 April 1887 vol 313 c359
MR. NORRIS (Tower Hamlets, Limehouse)

asked the Postmaster General, If, in order to facilitate the transmission of small sums of money by the post, he will make such arrangements that Postal Orders of various values, including amounts of 1s., 2s. 6d, 5s., 10s., and £1 may be purchased by the public in cheque-book form, say in mixed amounts of no less than £5 per book, under conditions that the orders are signed with name and address of sender, payable only to order of payee, and not negotiable?

THE POSTMASTER GENERAL (Mr. RAIKES) (Cambridge University)

In reply to the hon. Member, I think I should explain that I have received a great number of suggestions with reference to the subject to which he refers, and that these suggestions are being carefully examined with a view to ascertain if any of them contain practical ideas which are worth adopting. However, I shall be glad to add the suggestion of the hon. Member to the number of suggestions to be investigated.