HC Deb 17 September 1886 vol 309 c779
MR. J. M. MACLEAN (Oldham)

asked Mr. Chancellor of the Exchequer, If his attention has been called to a statement in The Times Money Article of September 14th, that— One member of the Currency Commission; at least, whose practical experience and sound views will be likely to exercise considerable influence upon his colleagues, does not hesitate to let it be known that he intends to put his foot down at an early stage of the proceedings and to stifle any attempt to discuss the question of tampering with the currency system under which this country has reached unrivalled prosperity and economical development; if this expression of opinion is consistent with the terms of reference to the Currency Commission, which expressly provide for the full discussion of the question; what bearing the recent changes in the relative values of gold and silver have had, not only upon the Foreign trade, but also upon "the internal trade and industry" of the United Kingdom; and, if the Government will cause inquiries to be made in order to ascertain the name of the Commissioner who has pledged himself to this foregone conclusion, and will consider the expediency of removing his name from the Commission?


The hon. Member is, perhaps, not aware that my right hon. Friend, the Secretary for Scotland, who is Chairman of the Gold and Silver Commission, answered this Question very fully the other day replying to the hon. Member for Greenock (Mr. T. Sutherland). I have nothing to add to the answer which my right hon. Friend then gave, except that the result of further inquiries which I have made privately is to confirm his view that the statement in the article was unauthenticated and unworthy of credence.