HC Deb 17 September 1886 vol 309 c781
MR. JORDAN (Clare, W.)

asked the Postmaster General, If he has yet obtained the information sought from—Moloney, Postmaster, Kildysart, county Clare, in reference to the disposal of £9 2s. 6d. granted for letter carrier; if he can now say whether Moloney, out of his allowance of £10 per annum as Sub-Postmaster, to secure the services of letter carrier, is compelled to supplement, by £5 yearly, the £9 2s. 6d., making in all £14 2s. 6d.; if the duties of the letter carrier are performed in an hour and a half daily; if Moloney, out of his allowance of 6s. per week, pays 1d. for the delivery of each telegraphic message within the limits of the town postal delivery, thereby wiping out his allowance on this head, should 72 messages weekly be delivered; if the telegraph messenger is a different person from the letter carrier; if some one of Moloney's family or employés is not in constant daily attendance at the post office from 7 a.m. till 9 p.m., and if, at certain busy times, other members of his household have to assist; if Moloney, at Ms own cost, fitted up the postal and telegraphic offices; if he still considers that £5 per annum, or 3¼d. per day, for the post office, and 6s. per week as telegraphist, diminished by 1d. delivery, are sufficient remuneration for outlay of capital, free house, and such services; and, if he will take Moloney's case into consideration?

THE POSTMASTER GENERAL (Mr. RAIKES) (Cambridge University)

On inquiring into this matter, I find that there has been serious ground for dissatisfaction with the conduct of Moloney, the Sub-Postmaster of Kildysart. In April last it was discovered that he was in the habit of putting into his own pocket a portion of the money given him to pay a messenger. He was made to refund the sum he had pocketed, and received a severe reprimand. Should he be again reported he will be dismissed. As regards his emoluments, they are calculated on the principle which I have just described, and he can ascertain for himself whether he receives the authorized sums.