HC Deb 13 September 1886 vol 309 c185

asked the Under Secretary of State for India, Whether the inquiry into the Civil Services, stated now to be taking place in India, is conducted by a Committee composed almost exclusively of covenanted officials; whether any and what facilities are offered by this Committee for the public expression and examination of the opinions of members of the uncovenanted Civil Services, and of the Natives of India generally; and, whether any intimation has been received by Her Majesty's Government, either officially or through the Indian Press, that this Committee does not command the confidence either of uncovenanted civil officers or of the Native public?


Sir, the inquiry in India into the Civil Services will be conducted by a Commission; but no intimation as to its actual composition has been yet received by the Secretary of State. It is intended that some of its members shall be Natives, and that it shall extend its inquiries over various parts of India, and among all classes of the people. No intimation has been received by Her Majesty's Government of any want of confidence in the proposed Commission. The Secretary of State has received no information as to the proceedings of the Finance Committee at Bombay last week; but this Finance Committee is not identical with the Commission for inquiry into the Civil Service.