HC Deb 03 September 1886 vol 308 cc1189-90
DR. TANNER (Cork CO., Mid)

asked the Secretary of State for the Colonies, Whether an outbreak of disturbance has invariably attended Mr. Clifford Lloyd's appearance as an official in every position to which he was appointed; whether, in the Island of the Mauritius, an amendment to the Address, expressing confidence in Sir John Pope Hennessy and approval of his past administration, was moved by Sir Virgile Naze, and passed by a majority of the representative Members; and, whether an address of confidence in the Governor, signed by 6,000 of the inhabitants, was sent to and received by the Colonial Office?

An hon. MEMBER asked whether it was not the fact that Sir John Pope Hennessy got into great difficulties while Governor of Hong Kong?

THE SECRETARY OF STATE (Mr. E. STANHOPE) (Lincolnshire, Horncastle)

I have already informed the House that the position of affairs in the Mauritius being still under consideration, I hoped that I might be permitted, for the present, not to answer Questions calculated to prejudice either party to the dispute. It is, however, only fair that I should say that the unfortunate state of affairs in the Mauritius existed long before Mr. Clifford Lloyd's advent.



said, he felt bound to complain that the Secretary of State for the Colonies had not answered the Question which he had put on the Paper with reference to the relations between Mr. Clifford Lloyd and Sir John Pope Hennessy.


I cannot think it likely to promote the interests of good government in Mauritius that I should answer these Questions. I must decline to answer Questions which have as their object either to support or attack Sir John Pope Hennessy on the one hand, or Mr. Clifford Lloyd on the other.


Am I to understand that the right hon. Gentleman declines to answer the Question?


I am, of course, in the hands of the House; but as far as I am concerned I entirely decline to answer.