HC Deb 28 May 1886 vol 306 c315
MR. EVELYN (Deptford)

asked the honourable Member for North West Staffordshire, Whether it is the fact that that Greenwich Park is not open to the public before seven a.m., to the great inconvenience of neighbouring residents, and especially of working men; and, whether, since other Royal Parks are open at five a.m., there would be any objection to placing Greenwich Park under similar regulations to those of the other Royal Parks?


This question has been considered on several occasions. Hyde Park alone is open all the year round at 5 A.M., and this can be done because the Park is under the charge of the Metropolitan Police. In the case of Greenwich Park, the opening of the gates at 5 A.M. would entail an addition to the force of Park constables employed at an estimated increase of expense of at least £ 150 a-year. If sufficient evidence were laid before the First Commissioner that the number of persons to be benefited by the earlier opening of the Park would justify the increased expenditure, he would be prepared to submit the matter to the Treasury in connection with the Estimates of next year; but it must be borne in mind that the question of Greenwich Park can scarcely be decided by itself, and that similar applications in regard to other Parks would, if entertained, involve a very material increase in the expenditure.