HC Deb 17 May 1886 vol 305 cc1155-6
MR. MILDMAY (Devon, Totnes)

asked the Vice President of the Committee of Council, Whether the Articles of the Education Code require that children failing on examination in one elementary subject of the standard must, at the next examination, be presented in a higher standard, though such children have not passed in the lower standard; and, whether, as such provision has the effect of preventing such child from working half time or whole time, some modification can be made in the Articles of the Code, allowing such children to be presented again in the standard in which they have, by failing in one subject, failed to obtain the necessary certificate, allowing them to work half or whole time as the case may be?


According to the Code a child should be presented in a higher Standard each year, unless there is some reasonable excuse for exceptional treatment. Failure to pass in one out of three subjects is not generally considered a reasonable excuse. But this rule as to representation has nothing to do with the children working half-time or whole time. A child can work half-time or whole time as soon as he passes the Standard prescribed by the bye-laws of the district. I am not prepared to make any such change in the Code as that proposed.