HC Deb 17 May 1886 vol 305 cc1157-8
MR. TUITE (Westmeath, N.)

asked the Chief Secretary to the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, Whether the Irish Board of Works have neglected to pay the final instalment of a loan granted 25th October 1883, under "The Land Law (Ireland) Act, 1881," section 31, to William Dunne, of Kildollan, county Westmeath, notwithstanding several applications on the part of the tenant; whether, on the 22nd May 1885, the Secretary of the Board of Works wrote to Mrs. Dunne (William Dunne having died in the meantime) stating that, "as soon as she obtained probate of her husband's will, the final instalment would be advanced;" and, whether, although probate has since been forwarded, the amount still remains unpaid?

THE SECRETARY TO THE TREASURY (Mr. HENRY H. FOWLER)(who replied) (Wolverhampton, E.)

said: I beg to inform the hon. Member that the facts are as stated in his Question; but that between the date of the Board of Works letter—22nd May, 1885—and the completion of the deed, the necessity, by Treasury Rules under the Land Law Act, for producing the rent receipt had arisen, and that Mrs. Dunne, although informed of this, and reminded that this was one of the covenants of the deed, has not seen fit to comply with the Rule. The moment she produces the rent receipt to May, 1885, the fourth instalment will, as she has been informed, be advanced.