HC Deb 06 May 1886 vol 305 cc378-9

There is another Question, also, of public interest, which stands in the printed list in the name of my hon. Friend the Member for St. Pancras (Sir Julian Goldsmid), who does not appear in his place owing to some accident. It is— Whether any further information can be given to the House with regard to the mission of Moukhtar Pasha and Sir Henry Wolff to Egypt, and with regard to the proposals made by the Turkish Commissioner? My reply is this—that after a very careful examination of the plans of Moukhtar Pasha for the re-organization of the Egyptian Army, Her Majesty's Government came to the conclusion that we could not properly agree to them; and in consequence Sir Henry Wolff, in accordance with instructions received from home, has communicated this reply to Moukhtar Pasha, and has likewise inquired whether he could so modify them as to meet the objections which we have found it our duty to take. We are not in a condition yet to say whether that can be done; but copies both of the proposals by Moukhtar Pasha and of the reply will be presented to Parliament. I may add that upon all other matters connected with the Mission the communications between Moukhtar Pasha and Sir Henry Wolff continue as before; but they have not yet reached a stage at which it would be possible with convenience to present them to Parliament.