HC Deb 29 March 1886 vol 304 cc101-2

asked the Chief Secretary to the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, Whether his attention has been drawn to the fact of notices, of which the following is an extract, having been lately posted in the neighbourhood of Dromore, County Clare——

"Now for the sake of liberty, country, and nationality, we call upon you to avoid all dealings with that mongrel and rotten sloggard, lame Tommy Crowe, of Dromore, let no one buy or sell with him, let no one work for him in any way, the man that does shall meet a sudden and untimely death; this is sworn by Him that Rules above.

"By order of the Committee,

"C. Moonlight;"

whether three-fourths of Mr. Crowe's labourers, on the appearance of this notice, at once left their employment; and, whether the Irish Executive are unable to cope with tyranny of this description?


Notices containing the sentence quoted were found to have been posted in the locality in which Mr. Crowe resides; and several of his labourers have left his employment, alleging the notice as the reason for doing so. The police at once took steps to trace the printer or publisher of the notice, which so far have not been successful. They also made arrangements for Mr. Crowe's personal protection, with which he has pronounced himself satisfied. The Government would have readily supported these men in resistance to this intimidation should they have resolved upon that course; but we have no power to compel them to resume work, or to take any steps in cases of the kind beyond those which I have mentioned.


I will ask the right hon. Gentleman whether this configurated notice was not put up until a number of labourers had actually left this gentleman's employment?


I am not aware of that.