HC Deb 25 March 1886 vol 303 cc1785-6
MR. O'HANLON (Cavan, E.)

asked the Chief Secretary to the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, If he will inquire into the management of the Omagh District Lunatic Asylum, particularly into the circumstances under which a female patient, who was admitted on 25th November last, committed suicide a few days after admission, and whether the resident medical superintendent hept a portion of the remains without the knowledge of her friends, and was exhibiting them after the body had been interred; if it is true that a female patient, to whose case the attention of the resident medical superintendent was specially directed on the 15th February last, died on that day, during his absence from the Asylum, without the ministrations of a clergyman; and, have the friends of patients frequently complained of the treatment by which patients have been subjected by the resident medical superintendent?


, in reply, said, that the first case referred to was one of suicide, the facts of which were so painful that he would not trouble the House with them now. The case was investigated by the Coroner and a jury, who found a verdict in accordance with the medical testimony, and added that the patient received every care and attention from the doctor and the other officials. The woman's husband, who was present at the inquest, expressed himself perfectly satisfied with the attention shown. The portion of the remains was never shown to any outsider, except the Coroner. The second case was one of syncope, in which death occurred in the absence of the doctor, and when his assistant was in charge. The doctor was summoned; but the woman was dead. She had been seen in the morning, and, though not well, death was not expected so soon. The Chaplain was informed, and the Coroner was also communicated with. The latter did not think it necessary to hold an inquiry. In none of these cases did it appear that complaints were made by the friends of the patients as to the treatment they received in this asylum. These two cases were reported to, and investigated by, the Board of Governors of the Asylum concerned.


I wish to ask the Chief Secretary, do the Government in tend to hold an inquiry into this asylum in Omagh; and whether—


Order! The hon. Gentleman is exceeding the Rules.