HC Deb 22 March 1886 vol 303 c1483
MR. PULESTON (Devonport)

asked Mr. Attorney General, Whether he is aware that party political associations were, as a matter of form, dissolved for the period of the last General Election; and, whether the Corrupt Practices Act makes these associations illegal; and, if so, whether this temporary dissolution of the associations carries out the provisions of the Act?


I have no information as to the first part of this Question, other than that in the hands of every Member; but, so far as I understand, the main purpose sought to be accomplished by a dissolution of these associatious is to narrow the area of agency, and has nothing to do with the legality or otherwise of the association itself. I will not express any opinion as to the legality of any particular association; but, generally speaking, I may say that I am not aware of any provision of the Corrupt Practices Act which makes illegal any political association properly constituted and conducted.