HC Deb 19 March 1886 vol 303 c1360
MR. W. J. CORBET (Wicklow, E.)

asked the Chief Secretary to the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, Whether, under secs. 13 and 14 of 43 and 44 Vic. c. 14, the provisions of sec. 14 of 43 Vic. c. 4, apply to the county cess levied for repayment of the loan made to the Wicklow Harbour Commissioners under sec. 6 of 44 and 45 Vic. c. 38; and, whether it is a fact that, up to this, the landlords have made no allowance to the tenants in respect of the sums levied for repayment of the loan; and, if such is the case, how should they act?


, in reply, said, he had applied to the Attorney General for Ireland, who informed him that this question affected private rights, and sufficient materials did not exist to enable him to answer the Question. In any case, the Question was one that ought to be addressed to the Secretary to the Treasury.


gave Notice of a further Question on the subject.