HC Deb 11 March 1886 vol 303 cc433-4
MR. SIDNEY HERBERT(for Viscount LEWISHAM) (Croydon)

asked the Under Secretary of State for India, Why the increase of pay and allowances, sanctioned by the Royal Warrant of 25th June 1881, has been withheld from Inspectors of Army Schools in India on their promotion to the rank of Captain, while the higher rates have been authorised by special circular, dated 10th November 1882, for issue to Quarter-masters and Riding-masters; whether an Inspector of Army Schools was promoted Captain while serving in India, and did not obtain any of the pecuniary benefits allowed by the Royal Warrant, owing to no provision for their issue having been made by the officials in India; and, whether, if he had been serving in England, he would have received such pecuniary benefits, and if he will issue directions for this officer's case to be specially considered in India, with a view to the extra pay and Indian allowances being issued to him for the period he served in India as Inspector of Army Schools with rank of Captain, viz. from 14th February 1884 to 12th July 1884?


The clauses of Royal Warrants which affect "full pay and allowances or other pecuniary benefit" are expressly excluded from applying to India, unless special effect is given to them by the Secretary of State for India in Council. Shortly after the issue of the Warrant referred to, the question whether this special effect should be given to those of its clauses which affected the pay of Inspectors and Sub-Inspectors of Army Schools was carefully considered by the Government of India; and it was decided, with the concurrence of the Secretary of State in Council, that the Regulations regarding the Indian pay and allowances of School Inspectors should remain in force. The clause of the Royal Warrant which gave the officer referred to the relative rank of captain applies in India as elsewhere; but it has not been the practice to regulate the rates of Indian pay and allow- ances by the relative Army rank conferred on officers of non-combatant Army Departments. The pay of these officers is fixed at consolidated rates in round sums, and is governed solely by length of service.