HC Deb 08 March 1886 vol 303 cc106-7
MR. W. O'BEIEN(for Mr. T. M. HEALY) (Tyrone, S.)

asked the Chief Secretary to the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, Whether, in view of the fact that the present Lord Lietenant of Ireland has to avail himself of the religious ministrations of the Dean of the Chapel Royal, who is a member of a communion to which His Excellency does not belong, the Government would, as a mark of respect to the Viceroy, and to the Presbyterian Church of which he is a member, place a sufficient Vote on the Estimates for the services of a viceregal chaplain of the Presbyterian Church during Lord Aberdeen's viceroyalty; if he can say whether there would be any obstacle, legal or otherwise, to Presbyterian worship being conducted in the Chapel Royal at Dublin Castle; in whom is that edifice vested; and, is it intended, on the appointment of a successor to the present Dean of th9 Chapel Royal, to have regard to the fact that all Viceroys may not in future belong to the disestablished religion in Ireland?


The Chapel Royal at Dublin Castle is by law vested in the Dean. The present Dean holds his office for life. The Question which the hon. Member puts appeared to me to bear so much of a personal character, that I have thought it right to consult the Lord Lieutenant himself. His Excellency informs me that he has every reason to be satisfied with the ministrations of the present Dean, who is his ex officio chaplain; and that if at any time he should wish to attend any of the Irish Presbyterian churches he will have no hesitation in doing so. At the same time, His Excellency assures me that if the House of Commons should see fit to make provision in the Estimates, as suggested, he will cheerfully undertake to see that the money is properly expended. As regards the last paragraph of the Question, I fear it would tax even the hon. Member's ingenuity in a single appointment to provide for all the possible theological contingencies that might arise.